10-year-old boy has skull impaled by meat skewer after tree house fall – hailed as miracle by doctors

The belief in the existence of a higher being – a ‘God‘, if you will – is something that fluctuates from person to person.

However, though doubters surely have understandable reasons, few can deny that sometimes in life it appears as though genuine miracles are witnessed.

Such was the case with 10-year-old Xavier Cunningham from Missouri, US, who impaled himself on a meat skewer after falling from a tree house. The boy fell face down on the instrument, which could so easily have killed him. Somehow, though, he managed to survive …

10-year-old Xavier Cunningham and friends were playing in a neighbor’s tree house when they accidentally disturbed a nest of yellow jacket wasps.

In the confusion, Xavier fell from the tree house and landed face down on a meat skewer the children had stuck in the ground.

Somehow, however, the foot-long spike missed his eyes, brain, spinal cord and major blood vessels, and Xavier was able to make his way onto his feet and start running back towards the house with the skewer sticking out of him.

YouTube / Radio.com

“He fell down on it,” Shannon Miller said of his son, as per the Washington Post.

“He said he felt something hot and burning in his face and then saw the end of it and immediately knew what had happened.”

A team of Kansas University doctors were able to remove the spike over several hours, with director of endovascular neurosurgery at the University of Kansas Health System, Koji Ebersole, describing it as “one in a million”.

Ebersole added that Xavier will be sore for a while now, but shouldn’t experience any long-term effects. The first thing Xavier reportedly asked after coming out of surgery was: “‘Is it out? Is it out? Is it out?’”

YouTube / Radio.com

Safe to say this story is a perfect example of one of life’s miracles. By all rights, Xavier should be dead or at least seriously injured, but the 10-year-old will live to fight another day.

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