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11 Reasons Why Your Sister Is The Most Important Person In Your Life.

There’s no denying that sisters have a special bond. We’re there for each other through the good times and the bad, and we share so much together.

Here are 11 reasons why your sister is the most important person in your life.

1. You can tell your sister anything and she never thinks you’re an idiot—but if she does, she says it to your face… because she’s your sister.

2. You grew up together and you share thousands of childhood memories together. If you think of a story or a memory of the past, you always know who to hear from you.

3. She knows all of your secrets and feels from the outside in. Which is she can always give you the best advice.

4. You can bicker and argue with each other with each other—but if someone else lays into your sister, they’d watch out!

5. Your sister is a guardian angel who always defends and protects you.


6. She’s the first person you call when something big happens in your life.

7. One day you will be (or you already are) an aunt to her children. And you’ll be the perfect person to teach them how to get up to a lot of mischief!

8. She’s the first person you want to hug you when something bad happens in your life

9. Even if you haven’t spoken to each other for a long time, you’re always in each other’s hearts.

10. She always says tells you straight up when you’re being stupid. But she also praises you when you do things right, too!


11. When you were small, you stuck together against your parents.

Friends and lovers come and go, but a sister is forever. Nothing can change that!

Feel free to share this list with your sister to show her that you think of her!

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