11-week-old baby boy fighting coronavirus as terrified mom begs people to stay home – he needs our prayers

Regardless of your views as to what caused the coronavirus outbreak, or your opinions on how countries should be dealing with it, the safest thing we can all do is stay at home and minimize contact with others.

One mom is begging people to follow restrictions and isolate themselves during the pandemic after her newborn ended up locked in a battle with COVID-19.

As per reports, 11-week-old Ares Banister was admitted to hospital on Monday night with a high temperature. The following day he tested positive for coronavirus.

Facebook / Jody Banister

Ares’ mom, Jodie, 30, said that his condition has since improved, but she wants to put forth an urgent plea to all parents that they should be taking COVID-19 seriously.

In a Facebook post, Jodie wrote: “So while your all still pissing about going out and about without a care in the world, going to the supermarket every day for those absolute essentials you just had to have and going out for your 3 hour long walks that you’ve never done before in your lives….

“Our 11 week old BABY has just tested positive for COVID19. We haven’t been out for weeks but unfortunately Christian still has to go to work to make sure Tesco has food on the shelves ready for you all to ransack and hoard.

“If you aren’t a key worker please stay at home!!!!! Please please start listening because our entire world has just been tipped upside down!!!”

Facebook / Jody Banister

After Ares began to show signs of being unwell, Jodie knew it was best she keep a close eye on him. When his temperature rose drastically she called the doctor but was told not to worry and to keep her baby at home.

Her mothering instincts kicked in, however, and the 30-year-old felt something wasn’t right. When Ares got “worse and worse”, she got through to an out-of-hours doctor.

“As I was on the phone to him his temperature went up to 40.1°C, and the doctor admitted that was worrying and said I should take him to hospital,” she explained.

“At first they thought it was meningitis and pumped he full of antibiotics and fluids. They only did the Covid test as a precaution.

“When it came back positive, I was just gobsmacked. Fear and panic set in but I was in complete shock. I just sat there and cried. It was horrendous. The first thing you automatically think is that he’s going to die. I was so scared.

“I’m constantly watching him to check he’s still breathing. I feel very emotional and tired, I’ve barely slept. I think they have allowed me to stay with him because I’m breastfeeding. We are in a side room at the end of a ward, so we’re away from everyone.

“The staff here have been good, although they keep their distance and only come to do his obs.”

Jodie went on to say that they are taking each day as it comes just now. Since COVID-19 has no cure it’s about the best they can do, but I certainly think a few prayers sent their way won’t hurt.

We’re sending all our love and hugs to baby Ares, and wishing him all the best with his recovery.

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