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12-year-old boy sews teddy bears for sick children – every day for 3 years

Campbell Remess from Hobart, Australia looks like any ordinary 12-year-old, but there is one thing that draws him apart: his heart of pure gold.

While other boys his age are out playing in the yard or at home in front of their video games, Campbell sits instead, all by himself, in front of a sewing macine.

The 12-year-old has his hands full – sewing teddy bears to donate to a children’s hospital.

For the last three years, the boy has sewed a stuffed animal every day to give away to children in desperate need of a smile.

The world has now gotten wind about Campbell’s project, and social media is understandably giving the young boy two big thumbs up!

The idea for the project began when Campbell was 9. He expressed his wish to purchase Christmas presents for sick children to his mother. She explained that that could end up being very expensive. But Campbell refused to give up. No problem, he thought, then I’ll make them myself.

However, there was a small obstacle: Campbell had no idea how to sew.

But again, the determined boy simply put himself to work. It took days for Campbell to put a teddy bear pattern together and another five hours at the sewing machine to put togther his first stuffed toy. And perhaps most impressive: He had done it all by myself, without any help from their parents.


3 years later, the boy is not only sewing toys for sick children, but also for their parents who also need support and comfort. He also sent his stuffed toys to Paris and Brussels after the terrorist attacks that took place there.


Hundreds of children and families have received a little something to cheer them up thanks to Campbell. Meanwhile, Campbell has a fairly straightforward approach to his work and explains why he doesn’t give up:

“I think that if you’re kind, and not evil, you can change the world.”


What a wise little guy! If we had more people like Campbell I am sure the planet would be a much better place to live. Thank you for all you do, Campbell!

Please help by sharing Campbell’s story so that more people can learn about him and be inspired by his wisdom and selfless project!

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