16-year-old’s belly won’t stop growing – shocked when she hears doctor’s diagnosis

Bethany Lane is a normal 16-year-old girl from Middlesbrough, United Kingdom.

Last year however, she experienced something very abnormal.

Her stomach started growing uncontrollably and causing her immense pain.

The condition got so bad that she had to go see a doctor. At first glance, the doctors thought the girl was 6 months pregnant — but something wasn’t quite right.

After several examinations, Bethany’s doctors eventually realized that she had a cyst in one of her ovaries. It was so large that it was almost 13 inches in diameter. It put pressure on several other organs in Bethany’s body and caused her extreme pain.

Thank goodness that Bethany went to the doctor when she did. At that point, the cyst was pressing against one of her kidneys so badly that it could have burst the cyst open. And Bethany could have died.

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With the help of keyhole surgery, the doctors removed the cyst by draining all the water from it.

After the surgery, Bethany lost 28 pounds.

She’s lucky to have been in the hands of such skilled doctors.

“I’m just so grateful. Hospitals sometimes get criticized but I can’t thank them enough,” Bethany told the Gazete Live.

Watch this clip to hear Bethany talk about what happened to her:

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