20-yr-old student dies in car crash — then she visits sister in a dream with important details

With just a month to go before she was due to graduate from college, 20-year-old Emily Clark died in a terrible car accident. Her grieving family was sure that any record of her last days on earth was lost forever. Until Emily’s sister had a strange dream that rekindled their hope.

So when the police called and confirmed that the dream was true, the family was shocked.

Twenty-year-old Emily Clark was a passionate nursing student who was very close to her family and friends. She was remembered as a caring, positive, and ambitious young woman who was determined to complete the training she needed to land her dream job. But in April 2015, not long before graduation, the unthinkable happened.

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Emily was riding in a car with four other students when it collided with a tractor-trailer on a highway in Savannah, Georgia. All that was left of the car was scraps, and Emily and the four other nursing students died instantly.

Like most other girls in their 20s, Emily liked to take pictures with her cell phone. She diligently filled her cell phone camera with pictures of her family, friends, boyfriend, and the fun times they had together. But unfortunately, her phone disappeared in the accident and all her pictures were lost.

Then in the middle of all the grieving, Emily’s sister Hailey had a strange dream. Emily came to her and wanted to tell her something: Her cell phone was lying on the spot where she died—and it still worked.

YouTube / Inside Edition

Emily’s dad thought it was impossible, given that the car was totalled after the crash. But it turned out, he was wrong.

Six months after Emily’s death, the police called to say that they found her cell phone, and it still worked.

Emily’s phone was full of pictures of her last days on earth. There were pictures of her boyfriend, friends, family, and, of course, Emily herself.

“It definitely brings joy to our heart, like she had come alive,” Craig told Inside Edition.

It’s amazing what our dreams can tell us sometimes!

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