27-year-old engaged to 74-year-old great-great-grandmother says they will be together “for the rest of their lives”

They say that true love knows no bounds, but that doesn’t stop people weighing in and criticizing the relationships of others where age differences are concerned.

I mean, we’ve all likely rolled our eyes at a young, beautiful woman marrying a wealthy old man who looks to be rapidly approaching the end of his life, right?

And while there are cases wherein ‘love’ seems to be simply the crafty pursuit of cash, there are other instances where two people really do fall head over heels for one another, despite the fact they were born in entirely different generations.

Take Kathi Jenkins, 74, and her partner 27-year-old Devaughn Aubrey, for example, who met on adult hookup site Adult Friend Finder (AFF) in 2021.

The pair, both from Texas, started off with a relationship that was purely sexual, but their attraction to one another soon blossomed into something they say is very real – this in spite of the fact that Devaughn is younger than some of Kathi’s grandchildren.

In fact, fast forward to present and Kathi and Devaughn are engaged to be married!

According to the Daily Mail, retiree Kathi, who has four children, 13 grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren and even one great-great grandson, though she’s never been married before.

Devaughn, meanwhile, employed at Walmart, was married once before, to a girl he went to school with.

“She is so perfect for me and she is very experienced in life and teaches me a lot,” said Devaughn. “We never fight, can always talk without yelling, and I trust her completely.”

He continued: “I guess I like how old she is because I like older women or old women regardless if she needs a walker and stuff. I have never been bothered by that.

“She offers good advice and always knows what she is talking about. She can think for herself and she loves to be her honest self without fear of judgment.

“She makes me feel loved. She tastes really good and sweet and makes me feel like maybe I do belong here on earth.

“She is a really good cook and also she helps me to keep up with stuff, I like it when she puts my stuff in her purse because I never know where I put things.”

Now, it should come as no surprise that the couple – who have been together for over a year now – have faced questions and criticisms from those who disagree with the age discrepancy between them.

Kathi, though, said most of her children and grandchildren are accepting of her decision to marry Devaughn.

“Because of our age gap, sometimes people assume that Kathi is rich and that I want all her money, which is not the case at all,” Devaughn insisted.

“Some people do say it’s inappropriate but it’s just right for us. I always brag about her at work and show pictures. 

“I keep one in my car window so everyone can see how sexy my lady is. I love showing off my sexy fiancé. I can’t get over how beautiful she is.

“Some [of my friends] are concerned that I might want kids and can’t understand why I would want someone older but they are still supportive. Most people say “as long as you’re happy,” and we are very happy.”

“If you love someone older, go for it, do what makes you happy,” Kathi said.

Well, there certainly is a big difference in their age, but if this couple are happy then more power to them, I say!

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