27-year-old women dies after doctor’s horrifying mistake: Embalmed alive on operating table

27-year-old Ekaterina Fedyaeva went to Ulyanovsk hospital for a routine operation; she was scheduled to undergo surgery that would see ovarian cysts removed.

Sadly, a fatal mistake would cost her her life, in a most tragically avoidable way.

Whilst lying on the surgery table, Ekaterina was injected by hospital staff with a drug used to preserve corpses.

She was killed by the very people meant to be helping her. Effectively, she was embalmed alive …


Ekaterina Fedyaeva entered Ulyanovsk hospital last month for a relatively routine surgery.

Although she was there to have ovarian cysts removed, she wasn’t worried. She was young, healthy and strong, and the procedure is considered neither long nor particular serious.

Cysts that have to be operated on are usually dealt with via laparoscopy, wherein surgeons make a series of small incisions in a women’s stomach and remove the cysts through them.

In Ekaterina’s case, however, things would take a dramatic turn for the worst.


During the operation, doctors administered her with formalin, a solution that contains formaldehyde, instead of saline solution, according to Russian news agency Tass.

The horrifying error resulted in Ekaterina’s veins being pumped full of chemicals usually used to prevent the breakdown of corpses.

Ekaterina suffered for two days with indescribable pain and cramps, before falling into a coma.

Her mother, Galina, claims that doctors knew something was wrong, but they refused to help straight away.


Eventually, a doctor finally pulled Galina to one side and admitted the mistake. According to Ekaterina’s mom: “We had no idea it was formalin. Now I understand that formalin was simply eroding her body from the inside.”

As soon as doctors realised the problem, they began to try to rid Ekaterina’s body of the deadly poison.

It wasn’t enough though; the formalin was already circulating.


As per The Sun, Galina described how she endured every parents’ worst nightmare.

“Her legs were moving, she had convulsions, her whole body was shaking.

“I put socks on her, then a robe, then a blanket but she was shivering to such an extent, I can’t even describe it.”

Ekaterina was put on life support, but her heart stopped beating several times.


According to her mom, Ekaterina roused for a short time and whispered: “Mom, I’m dying.”

Shortly thereafter, the 27-year-old’s organs shut down and she died.

“People who performed the surgery already knew that they infused something wrong. They needed to take some urgent measures – but they did nothing,” says Galina.

“I begged – ‘please help her, she is my only child’.”


Ekaterina was buried on April 7 and a criminal investigation is underway, according to reports in Russian media.

Details concerning the tragic death have not yet been clarified, though local media say the head of the hospital where Ekaterina was administered the formalin has been fired.


There’s always a risk when it comes to surgery, but such accidents should never happen.

It’s cost a young woman her life and I can’t even image what her family must be going through at the moment.

Here’s to hoping those guilty receive an adequate punishment. Nothing can give the family Ekaterina back, but the people responsible simply have to be held accountable for their actions.

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