29-year-old woman visits Walmart toilet and disappears – 3 days later the horrible truth is revealed

29-year-old Katherine Caraway was shopping at a Walmart in Oklahoma. During the shopping trip she visited the department store’s restroom.

But Katherine never came out of the toilet again. Now it’s reported that the 29-year-old was found dead in the department store – three days after she first entered.

Katherine was found dead in the toilet on Monday, Fox 23 reports. It’s unclear how long exactly she had been dead but surveillance cameras show she that she entered the the restroom three days earlier.

The door was still locked on Friday night so the staff  placed an “out of order” sign on the door.

During the Monday, staff were going to clean the toilets and that’s when the woman was finally found. She had clearly been dead for a while.

Walmart has released this statement:

“We are saddened by this. We don’t know all the facts right now, but we are working closely with local law enforcement to provide what information we have that might be useful. Because this is an ongoing investigation, we must refer you to them for additional information.” 

According to the police, the woman does not seem to have been subjected to any physical abuse, and it is still unclear why she died.

The tragic incident has evoked some strong reactions.

“This is my best friend, we have missed her terribly and had been trying to get ahold of her since Thursday night! She was an absolutely beautiful person, great mother, and best friend!” Says one Facebook comment under FOX23 News‘s post.

What an absolutely horrible incident! I think it should become a standard to examine all restrooms before closing a department store, so nobody is stuck in there. Sadly, we do not know why Katherine died, but maybe her life could have been saved if someone had found her earlier!

Rest in peace.


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