3 daughters suspect care home of mistreating mom – hidden camera captures shocking footage

A 71-year-old’s three daughters often got a bad vibe when they went to visit their mother’s care home.

This went on for some time, before one of them suggested that they set up a hidden camera. The aim was to see if their concerns of potential maltreatment were at all grounded in reality.

They did as much, as per the Daily Mirror, only to uncover more than they bargained for. What the camera caught was truly shocking.

Three sisters suspected all was not as it should be at their mother’s care home. Joy suffers from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and so it was difficult for her girls to get answers from her regarding what was wrong.

However, they knew something must be awry when she managed to tell them that the staff didn’t like her. Alarm bells steadily began to ring, and so the sisters decided to follow their gut instincts.

The sting

They put their heads together and set up a hidden camera in their mom’s room. What they would capture ended up proving more of a shock than any of them could have imagined.

On the film, staff were clearly seen to be pulling Joy around by her arms. When she resisted, they dragged her across the floor. At one point of the video, the 71-year-old can be seen crying, though her pleas fall on deaf ears.

It was middle daughter, Kelly, who bought an £85 clock camera on Amazon. She explains: “I felt so guilty and my heart was thumping as I set it up. I told staff I thought it would help mum with her confusion if she could always see the time from her bed. What it recorded was a shock. Anyone who can treat another person like that is a vile creature. Watching the footage, seeing mum crying, was heartbreaking.”

Retirement home
Photo: Feature world

At several points in the video, Joy asks to go to the toilet, but is ignored. The staff show little interest in helping her, and so she is left to cry and struggle alone.

The maltreatment took place within the Brookside House Care Home in ­Jacksdale, Nottinghamshire, UK, and three workers were eventually found to be responsible. When the tape surfaced, they couldn’t deny their actions and were therefore fired from their work. They were also sentenced to community service, but managed to escape jail time via suspended sentences.

“We feel angry their sentences were suspended. They only pleaded guilty because it was all on tape,” eldest daughter Teresa Bestwisk, 47, said.

It makes my blood boil when I hear things like this, and the worst part is that there are definitely more elderly people suffering without it being known. Share this to spread awareness. Help us make it so that no one dares attempt this sort of abuse in the future.