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3-Year-Old Splashes Watercolor On Paper. Then Mom Does THIS And The Result Is Precious Art.

This is one of the most innovative artistic projects I have ever come across, and one I simply had to share. Mother Ruth Oostermam has not only proved her exceptional skill as an artist – through this project, she also demonstrates her incredible creativity and … let’s call it ‘resourcefullness’. Reason being: she is able to transform her young daughter’s scribbles, beautiful as they already are, into masterful and simply gorgeous works of art. Take a look at the phenomenal process below. All I have to say is I wouldn’t mind for a second having one of these tableaus hanging on my living room wall. Just brilliant!

Three-year-old Eve is a true apprentice in action. She works alongside her talented artist mom, Ruth, on a variety of art paintings.

Photo: Facebook/Ruth Oostermam


“As each day passes her passion for painting only grows and she continues to teach me in ways I could never have imagined,” mom write on YouTube. I can only agree!

Photo: Facebook/Ruth Oostermam


“The simple act of her allowing me to see through her eyes is the most priceless of gifts, I am incredibly grateful,” Ruth adds.

Photo: Facebook/Ruth Oostermam


The very organic process between mother and daughter begins with mom allowing Eve to participate hands-on in her art. She lets her choose the colors and then mom uses a wet paintbrush to pick up what she’s scribbled down and guide it in a striking way. But nevermind all that- just take a look at this. Clearly, the gorgeous end results speak for themselves.

Photo: Facebook/Ruth Oostermam


A wall full of spectacular color. Love!

Photo: Facebook/Ruth Oostermam


You can see more of this fascinating mom/daughter collaboration on Ruth’s blog.

And take a look here at a video showcasing an example of Ruth’s artistic process with her adorable girl.

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