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5-Year-Old Saved His Dad From Dying. It Breaks My Heart To Hear Him Speak About It.

5-year-old Xander McPheeters and his dad James was out working on the yard. The son ran in to grab a jacket, but when he came out from the house he found his dad in a terrifying situation.

He had run into the house to grab a jacket while his father was on a tractor. When he came out his father was hit by a tree in the head. 5-year-old Xander saw what happened and ran to turn off the tractor. He was terrified to see him lying there unconscious with his head cut open and bleeding from the nose. The boy brought help from neighbours and together they could bring Dad to a hospital. And the 5-year-old boy’s quick thinking saved his father’s life.

It’s still hard for Xander McPheeters to talk about what happened. In this video from Wave News he talks about it and when he does, his eyes are filled with tears.
– I helped him, I love him, he says.

After a week in the hospital and six months of therapy his father recovered. He was there when Xander was honored for his brave and courages actions with Hobies Heroes Award. An annual award in Indiana, United States, for a person who’s done something heroic. The whole McPheeters family was gathered during the ceremony and his mother Darlene was moved to tears.
– I’m so proud of you Bub and I love you, she said to Xander.

When I watch this emotional video below it brings tears to my eyes. This little hero deserves every medal there is.

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