6 Signs Everyone With A Smartphone Should See.

Nowadays, we can do everything in our smartphones and they simplify our lives in so many ways. But is our relation with our phones today really normal? Sometimes I can get so mad on myself because I’m so dependent on my smartphone. I can’t wait for the bus more than two minutes before I pick it up and do something with it. Very often, when I and my friends are having a cup of coffee, we stare into our phones instead of talking to each other. The signs below have an important message! Feel free to share with your friends if you agree with me on this.

1. Socialising for real.

A restaurant in New York offers their customers 10 percent discount if they ignore their smartphones during their stay. The offer is valid on Sundays, but the customers like it, so the restaurant is thinking about applying it to the whole week.


2. Be nice towards the staff.

In this café, they’ve put a sign to announce they don’t serve customers who talk on the phone while ordering. To order goes fast. Look the cashier in the eyes and say a pleasant “Thanks”. Then, you can return to your phone conversation.


3. Take care now.

Every day, drivers are talking and texting with their phones while driving. A driver is 23 times more likely to be in an accident if texting. In the United States, more road-users die from texting than alcohol-related car accidents.


Put away your phone while driving.

4. See your kids.

This sign is a replica of a sign in Norway that informs parents about their “most important meeting”. I think all of us can agree with this.


5. Be present.

These pictures origins from a wedding. The bride wanted guests to be present at the marriage. She wanted to see her loved ones faces when they walked up to the altar, not their phones.


6. Have fun!

If you look down on your phone all the time, you’ll miss everything surrounding you! Talk, dance, and laugh with your friends. Facebook will still exist tomorrow morning.


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