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77 Years After 3 Men Raped Her, She Meets Her Daughter For The First Time. Their Reunion Leaves Me In Tears.

This is the story about Minka Disbrow. She was 16 years old when three men attacked and raped her. Minka barely remembers anything from the traumatic incident that changed her life.


Some months after the awful attack, Minka realized she was pregnant. She was too young to take care of a child and decided to put the baby up to adoption. But she gave her baby a name: Betty Jane.


Since then, Minka has been trying to find her lost child. She has always prayed for Betty Jane, or Ruth that is her actual name, which eventually seemed to work. Two months after she prayed to God to meet her only daughter the prayer was answered.


She never asked to get to know here, she just wanted to see her. But she got a lot more than she asked for. The daughter called Minka and asked to see her. Minka said that when they met it felt like they never were separated. Despite the fact that they been separated for 77 years.


Watch this clip with Minka talking about her unbelievable reunion, 77 years later, with her only daughter.

Source: Baby and dog show love for one another by troyslezak on Rumble

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