8-month-old mostly brain dead, fighting for life after being ‘shaken’ by father – he needs our prayers

An 8-month-old boy has been left mostly brain dead and fighting for his life after police say his father shook him.

According to tragic reports, Milo Hill is in intensive care but it is not clear if he will pull through. The boy’s mother, Hailey Raney, faces an agonizing wait for news, while biological father Isiah Hill appeared in court yesterday charged with first degree assault and criminal mistreatment.

“He had a stroke that affected both sides of his brain, so three-fourths of his brain is dead,” Hailey said. “It’s just really time now, if he’s going to wake up and if not, he will pass.”

Court documents detailed how 19-year-old Hill first told police that he had tripped over a dog on Saturday while carrying his son and accidentally landed on him.

Hailey, who is separated from Hill, said he told her the same story. The former couple share custody of Milo, with the baby spending three days of every week with his father.

Hailey said she was on the way to Hill’s house when he called her to say he had accidentally injured Milo.

She explained: “Immediately when I saw my son, he was not okay. His eyes were rolled back to his head, lips were already purple. He was moving but it wasn’t normal baby movement and he was making a very loud grunting noise.”

She rushed the baby to hospital, where doctors told her that her son’s injuries weren’t consistent with a fall. They believed that Milo had been abused.

“That’s when I just had this gut feeling something wasn’t right,” said Raney.

When confronted, Hill then reportedly admitted to squeezing and shaking Milo before dropping him onto a bed.

“He was just the most happiest baby ever,” Hailey said. “He was all smiles. He loved everybody and anybody. All I’ve ever wanted was a little boy.”

We’re all praying that little Milo can make a miraculous recovery. Stories like this simply break my heart.

I can only hope the person responsible for causing Milo’s injuries faces the full power of the law.

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