8-year-old stops breathing — what’s hidden in his sock reveals his parents’ dark secret

Nothing makes me angrier than when people hurt children.

That’s why I was so upset to hear about what happened to a boy Berea, Ohio earlier this year.

He suddenly collapsed at his home and had to be rushed to the nearest hospital. But what the emergency workers didn’t know was that the reason behind the boy’s collapse lay hidden in his sock.

This story really shows what can go wrong when parents set a terrible example for their children…

In late January, 911 in Berea, Ohio received an urgent call.

A dad called up to say that that his 8-year-old son had stopped breathing—and the boy’s lips had turned blue.

When the police arrived at the scene, the dad was desperately performing CPR on his son. Luckily, a police officer managed to find the boy’s pulse and called an ambulance to rush him to hospital.

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Only at the hospital was the truth about what happened finally revealed.

Nurses found a bag of heroin and prescription drugs hidden in the 8-year-old’s sock, according to the Washington Post.

The boy had overdosed on heroin. How the drugs ended up in the 8-year-old’s sock is unclear, but during the police investigation, the boy’s father admitted to using drugs in the house earlier that day.

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Both the mother and the father were taken into custody and charged with child endangerment and drug possession.

The parents’ use of drugs in front of their young son has caused strong online reactions. Some people say that the parents’ bad influence led to the child thinking that it was okay to try heroin, while others simply say that the boy should be taken away from them.

Fortunately, the boy survived and fully recovered, according to CBS News.

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