9-Year-Old Sees Pink Legs In The Grass. When She Walks Closer, She Sees The Unthinkable.

Nine-year-old Elysia was playing outside. But she had no idea that her day was going to be so incredible.

The weather that day in northwest Indiana was hot—almost 90 degrees. Elysia was playing in her backyard as usual, but she soon saw something strange lying in the grass a short distance away.

“I just saw pink legs kicking away,” Elysia told NBC Chicago.

At first, Elysia thought it was a doll, but she quickly realized that what lay in the grass was very much alive. Then, Elysia thought the legs belonged to a piglet—the family has two pigs and Elysia thought maybe they had given birth.

But something was not right. Elysia shouted for her mother, Heidi, to come quickly. Then, the two of them took a closer look and were astonished to see that it was an abandoned baby. The newborn girl was naked and still attached to her umbilical cord and placenta. She was also sunburnt and crying.

The family quickly took the baby to the doctor, who discovered that she was doing fine despite the circumstances. The little girl was just a few hours old when she was found and probably spent the night in the grass.

Police looked for the girl’s mother came up empty-handed. Now, the baby girl has been taken to a foster home.

How lucky was it that Elysia was out playing in that exact spot that day! I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened otherwise. Now, I hope that the baby girl finds a loving home.

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