95-year-old friends celebrate 84 years of friendship with laughs and wine

95-year-old friends celebrate 84 years of friendship with laughs and wine

When I think back on all the friends I’ve had over the years, and then consider how many of them are no longer a part of my life, I can sometimes get down.

Genuine, strong friendships can be hard to come by, but sometimes, frankly, life gets in the way.

Which is what makes the case of Phyllis Hines and Barbara Noone all the more special. According to reports, the pair are celebrating their 95th birthdays … and the small matter of having been friends for eight decades …

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Yep, you read that right. Phyllis and Barbara first met back when they were in 7th grade, which, as one might imagine for two 95-year-olds, is quite a long time ago.

As per TMJ4, Phyllis said: “I honestly never ever remember being mad at her or having…you know how girls can be.”

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“She understands me,” Barbara adds. “Most of the time.”

Having first struck up a friendship back when they were in school, Phyllis and Barbara have remained fast friends despite the rigours of time.

They’ve raised families, buried husbands, celebrated countless achievements and never let things get in the way of the truly special bond they share.

Phyllis turned 95 on January 5th, 2019, whilst Barbara will raise a glass for her birthday on February 1st. The pair try to see each other on at least a monthly basis, and meet up every year to celebrate their birthdays.

What a wonderful friendship Phyllis and Barbara share!

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