A Mom And Her Kids Are Having A Swim. Keep An Eye On What Comes Up From Behind. What A Lovely Surprise!

Bethany is leisurely swimming in the crystal blue waters of Okinawa Island in southern Japan along with her four children. They swim and play and everything is normal. Sadly, Bethany’s husband and the children’s father, Hyrum Bronson, is missing. That’s because he’s in the military and serving in Afghanistan for six months. A friend of Bethany films her and the kids, asking them to greet Hyrum on camera, as he won’t be returning for several weeks. Daughter Charity says, “I will always love him”, and Bethany pitches in with her own love greeting. Then something starts to approach them from behind. Wow, what a surprise! No one expected this! I teared up real fast the moment I saw what it was!

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