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A Teacher Returns To School After Being Out Sick. But Nothing Could Prepare Her For The Surprise That Awaits.

Teachers touch the lives of many young people, but they don’t often get the appreciation and love they deserve. When students leave school, they leave forever, never to see again the people who served as their mentors for so many years.

Like so many other teachers, Ms. Watson changed the course of several of her former students’ lives. So when Ms. Watson’s was having health problems and she was going through a particularly rough time in her life, some of her old students decided to surprise her—in a most unexpected way. When Ms. Watson returns to school, she believes she’s heading to a meeting at school. But watch her reaction when she meets her old pupils in the hall where they were once teachers and students.

The fact that this unforgettable meeting was part of a Kleenex commercial doesn’t take anything away from it. The reactions are genuine and the meeting makes me think of all the people we should show our gratitude to. It’s something we should remind each other of every day.

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