Watch over 200 Amish men lift barn with their bare hands and move it to new location

Look at any colony of ants you’ll see proof to the claim that there’s real strength in numbers.

Or, perhaps, you could look at a particular group of Amish people living in the U.S.

Now, everyone knows the Amish people are resilient and resourceful, having kept with their traditions for many a century, holding at bay the encroaching influence of technology.

It’s the latter point that’s significant here, because in the main the Amish don’t like to accept the help of technology when they can avoid it. If you’re wondering, that even extends to when it comes to moving an entire barn …

Credit: YouTube

Yes, you read that right. The Amish have always utlilized farming in a big way, and have a strong ethos when it comes to helping out thy neighbor.

So, when a barn needed moving on Joseph Hochstetler’s Farm, Ohio, 200 Amish men turned up in horse-drawn carriages to help him lift it to its new destination.

Credit: YouTube

The men proceeded to pick up and carry the barn over 150 feet, even turning it before finally settling it down in its new home. What’s more, the entire process took just a few minutes. So impressive!

Credit: YouTube

Of course, this just goes to show what people are capable of when they put their minds to it and work together. Needless to say no single man would have ever been able to achieve such a feat on his own (no, Hercules doesn’t count), but through the power of communication and friendship, a number of men were able to work together for something great.

The ability to work within a team is a quality that will never go out of fashion!

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