An Old Lady Starts To Dance When The Music Comes On. For The Next Four Minutes, I Can’t Stop Smiling.

In five years, it is estimated that New Zealand will have more people aged over 65 than children. It is a growing problem that we are witnessing in all parts of the world. Questions about a growing world population are thus becoming increasingly urgent. This clip tackles precisely that issue. It reveals 80 senior citizens… showing off their dance moves. Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand now, the Lifemark-sponsored flash-mob features elderly people dancing to the song ‘Feelin’ Good Ooh La La’ by The DNC. All are aged between 65 and 96 years. The video was meant to promote the need for more adaptable and accessible housing in New Zealand, as the country’s aging population is set to exceed 1 million over 65 year olds by 2021. I think the clip is truly an excellent illustration of the fact that life does not end after retirement, and a reminder that we must take care of our senior citizens. And that’s why I am sharing this absolutely adorable clip with you.

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