At First Glance I Thought It Was Just A Cake Or A Pie. But This Genius Creation Of Pasta I Really Have To Try Tonight!

When I first looked at this picture I thought it was a piece of pie or a cake or something similar to that. But when I read the recipe I got the picture and was really impressed. I immediately ran to the kitchen to try this cool idea. This is just perfect to serve your kids of friends. I promise you, they will love it!

You need:

1 tablespoon Olive oil
450-gram ground turkey
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1 pinch of ground red pepper
1 pinches of coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
800-gram peeled canned tomatoes, which are crushed with your fingers
500-gram Rigatoni
200-gram freshly grated Parmesan cheese
400-gram grated mozzarella

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1. Start off by cooking the noodles until they are almost finished, pour of the water and sprinkle with Parmesan.

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2. Cook up the meat together with the tomatoes, garlic and the spices. Cook until the meat is done.

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3. Now, place the Rigatoni in ovenware in an upright position.

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4. Pour the meat sauce over the pasta and put it in the oven at 200C degrees (392F).
After 15 minutes, take it out and sprinkle everything with the mozzarella. Put it back in and let it cook for another 15 minutes.

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5. After a total of 30 minutes it’s done and looks like this. Your kids or guests won’t have a clue what’s hidden below.

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6. Because when you remove the side, they’re in for a big surprise!

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I will without a doubt serve this to my kids tonight. Feel free to share this to anyone who is feeling really hungry!

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