Baby rushes to mom with bloody wounds – when she realizes why she can’t believe her eyes

Most children on earth just adore playgrounds – and why not? They get to run around in the open air, play with friends, learn new skills and have new adventures on exciting playground stations.

Parents can meanwhile relax on benches nearby and supervise their children, knowing that nothing serious should ever happen as their children safely enjoy their time.

Unfortunately, in rare instances, such apparently safe environments can turn into a horrifying experience – as Amy Smith and her little daughter Demi-Mai experienced.

Amy Smith and her 2-year-old daughter Demi-Mai had set out to have a nice day full of fun and laughter at British Kitson Park, Torquay, England.

But it was not long before their fun turned into a real nightmare.

Little Demi-Mai had recently learned to climb the rope that led to the park’s slide on her own.

As mom looked on and cheered on from the distance, Demi-Mai went down the slide. But mom soon noticed that rather than cheering gleefully as she came down the slide, Demi-Mai seemed distraught. She then came running towards mom in panic.

That’s when mom witnessed the unthinkable: her little girl’s legs had been cut – and blood was gushing from her thighs.

Source: Twitter

Shocked, Amy soon understood the terrible culprit.

At the bottom of the slide lay broken glass – which seemed to have been put there on purpose.

“I’m really angry that someone would do that in a children’s play park,” Amy told the Mirror.

Source: Twitter

Amy rushed her daughter to the hospital, who required medical attention but thankfully didn’t require stitches.

She later contacted the park’s authorities to notify them of the incident and request that they clean up the glass before anyone else got hurt. Amy suspects that someone smashed a bottle and placed the glass on the slide on purpose – and now Amy wants to warn other parents to be vigilant in public playgrounds.

“I hope by bring what happened to people’s attention then it might help other parents avoid their children getting hurt,” Amy told the Mirror.

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