Basketball players see crowd bullying cheerleader with Down syndrome – immediately stop match

Teenagers get such a terrible rap sometimes. We can’t deny that so many of us see them as moody little creatures full of angst, caught in the middle of childhood and adulthood.

But teenagers also have a sweet, soft and certainly vulnerable side. While they battle with their own insecurities as they face puberty, they begin developing a sense of justice, kindness and compassion that is set to follow them into adulthood.

The boys in this story are just the best example. They really warmed my heart. Just watch what they did for one of their peers — a peer more vulnerable than any ‘ordinary’ teen could ever be…

Desiree Andrews was born with Down syndrome, but like so many others with her condition, she is nothing short of a fun-loving, sweet girl — with so much to offer the world.


Desiree has plenty of talents and passions, but one of her biggest one is cheerleading. She knew immediately that she wanted to join her junior high school’s cheerleading squad, and so she did.

But one day, as she was performing a routine alongside her squad during a basketball game, the unthinkable happened: members of the audience began bullying her from the bleachers.

Three students and members of the school basketball team saw something very wrong happening.

And when they realized what it was, the players, Scooter Terrien, Chase Vasquez, and Miles Rodriguez, knew they had to step in.


So they did something entirely independently and from their hearts: they stopped the game, walked off the court and asked the bullies to stop.

“The kids in the audience were picking on D, so we all stepped forward,” one of the boys, Chase Vasquez told TODAY’S TMJ4.

“When I heard them talking about her, it made me mad,” teammate Miles Rodriguez added.


The players and Desiree now share a very special relationship and have become good friends. They watch over her, take care of her, and make sure no one is bothering her.

Students at the school have reacted positively to the boys’ initiative and love for Desiree, understanding their clear message, as well expressed by Scooter Terrien: “It’s not fair when other people get treated wrong, because we’re all the same. We’re all created the same.”

School spirit has improved since these boys’ simple yes amazing gesture.

To make the situation even more amazing, the gym has now been renamed in Desiree’s honor: “D’s House”.

“Its sweet, awesome, kind and amazing,” Desiree says in response to the great honor.

And we can only agree! I can only predict these wonderful boys will grow up to be perfect gentlemen! Please share this story if you agree everyone should be treated with compassion and kindness, regardless of any disability.