Blind Mom Gets To Experience Her Ultrasound In A Whole New Way. Tearjerker!

Like all pregnant women, blind women long for the day when they can “see” their babies for the first time. But unlike sighted women, blind women miss out on a precious first opportunity to meet their little ones—the ultrasound. I’d never thought of this before, but it’s heartbreaking to think that blind mothers-to-be miss out on this. Although images of their babies are projected onto a TV monitor, blind women can’t see their tiny baby’s heart beating and they don’t get to debate with family and friends whether its chin looks more like mom’s or dad’s. Instead, blind expectant mothers have to wait until their doctor finally puts their baby into their arms, and the new mom can finally stroke their little one’s face and form a mental image of it for the first time.

So when blind mother Tatiana goes to the hospital an ultrasound, she asks her doctor to describe her baby boy to her. Her doctor lovingly describes how her son’s nose looks like hers, and gives her a rough mental image of the boy. But he also does something that blew me away.

With the help of diaper brand Huggies, who helped make this film, the doctor sends the ultrasound to another room where he secretly he prints a 3D image of the baby.

15 minutes later, he asks Tatiana to imagine what the baby might look like. Then he hands her a 3D printout of her baby so she can “see” for herself. My heart melted when I saw Tatiana touch the model and take in her baby’s face. It’s a moment all sighted mothers get to cherish and it’s amazing that Tatiana is able to experience it, too.

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