Boy discovers newborn baby under Christmas tree – then hit with the truth after reading her shirt

If you grew up with a brother or sister, you’ll know all about the intensity of sibling to sibling rivalry.

Whether its vying for the attention of parents, aiming to out-do each other whenever the opportunity presents itself, or generally just winding each other up in the hopes of getting a reaction, brothers and sisters can be the biggest pain.

At the same time, they can also be the greatest gift. This is something one baby, born very close to Christmas, will come to learn. His older brother Owynn is 10-years-old and, unlike most other kids his age, he had a rather peculiar wish for Christmas. On his list was a little brother or sister …

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Owynn’s mom and dad, Stacey and Adam Lindsay, have always wanted two children. Stacey grew up with an incredible 14 siblings, so knows what it’s like to have others to interact with in the home. However, try as they might, for seven long years they were unable to conceive a second baby.

As per her story on Love What Matters, Stacey and Adam suffered the heartbreak of five miscarriages, as well as a failed in-vitro. After serious consideration they decided not to go down the foster route, leaving Owynn convinced he was destined to be an only child.

YouTube / Love What Matters

Then, one day, the couple were introduced to a young woman named Kendra. Kendra wanted to put her baby up for adoption, and chose Stacey and Adam as the parents for her little girl at birth. Stacey and Adam, happy as they were, kept the news from Owynn, preferring to keep it a wonderful surprise.

On December 6, this year, Kendra gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl named Naylee. On December 8, Kendra gave Stacey and Adam permission for them to take Naylee home.

YouTube / Love What Matters

The planning for the surprise could finally begin. The parents wrapped Naylee in warm blankets and placed her under their Christmas tree. Then it was simply a matter of waiting for Owynn to come home and discover her …

When he finally did so, it was a scene that pulls at the heartstrings. His reaction was truly perfect!

To see the surprise, watch the video below:

We’re so happy to spread stories and videos like this – they truly serve to warm the heart.

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