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Boy has worked on farm all day – gets 1 last job from dad and bursts into tears

When I was young, homework bored me to tears. Doing chores was also a drag, and I just wanted to go outside after school and play.

But 9-year-old Kolt Kyler is a special kid. He thinks helping his dad on their farm in Pierceton, Indiana is fun. As soon as he finishes his homework, Kolt goes outside and works. He makes sure the cows have water and feeds the pigs – and he never complains.

Recently, to thank their son for helping so much at home, Kolt’s parents decided to surprise him with a special reward.

But they weren’t prepared for their gift to make headlines around the world.

In addition to helping on the family farm and studying, Kolt also loves baseball. In his free time, Kolt likes to turn on the TV and watch his favorite team, the Chicago Cubs.

So his parents knew exactly what they’d give him as a reward.

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They started by giving him an unusually long list of chores to do. Although the list was long, Kolt never complained; he got to work and and methodically started ticking things off the list.

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When Kolt was finally finished, his father went to talk to him. He told Kolt that he was aware that he gave him a lot chores, and that he understood that his son was tired.

“He never complained. He just kept going,” Kolt’s dad said.

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Kolt replied that he wasn’t tired and that helping the family is fun. Then, his dad said he wanted him to do one last job for the day and gave him an envelope. This one would take some time, his dad said.

When Kolt opened the envelope, he started to cry.

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The envelope contained tickets for a Chicago Cubs baseball game. Kolt hugged his father hard and refused to let go. And luckily, the happy moment was captured on video.

But the story doesn’t end there! Kolt’s sister was so touched by her brother’s reaction that she posted the video on Twitter. It was shared widely and finally reached the Chicago Cubs.

One of the the players, Anthony Rizzo, was especially touched when he saw the video. He retweeted it and added: “This is awesome. When u come for the game Kolt I’ll have BP passes waiting for you.”

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So Kolt wouldn’t just get to see his favorite team play live – he’d also get to see them warm up before the game.

Several media outlets featured the video of Kolt opening the envelope and turned the boy into a real celebrity. Then on June 3, Kolt went to the game with his dad, and it’s a memory he’ll have for his entire life.

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What a wonderful story! Kolt really deserved this. Watch the video of Kolt’s reaction when he opens the envelope here:

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