Boy is about to say goodbye to his grandma at the airport – when he looks at his phone, the tears well up

When Sean McGrath went to the airport to help see his grandmother and grandfather off to Spain, the 13-year-old had no clue that his family had other plans for him.

After the family arrived at Shannon Airport in Ireland, Sean’s grandmother asked him to check the boarding passes on her phone to make sure everything was in order.

Sean was ready to say goodbye when his granmother asked for help. Since it’s pretty normal for the digital native generation to help older folks with electronics, he didn’t suspect a thing.

“Will you check the boarding passes for me there, Sean? Just to make sure I have it all right?” his grandmother asked.

Sean opened the airline’s app and started scrolling through the names of the passengers. But after he read his grandparents’s names, he saw another boarding pass, this one with his own name on it.

Suddenly, Sean realized that he was going with his grandparents, and tears start streaming down his cheeks. He was going to Spain!

What a wonderful surprise! Watch the video below to see Sean’s emotional reaction:

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