Brave 37-Year-Old Mother Hopes She Can Win The Judges Votes.

Meet Rachael Wooding, a 37-year-old housewife and mother of 11-month old baby, Emmy. Before Emmy was born, Rachel used to be a singer and an actress in a musical theatre before she dedicated herself to motherhood. She did her last show in 2014, before she got pregnant with Emmy on her honeymoon. Rachael had been a singer and an actor for most of her life, casting different roles, but this time she wants the judges to like her for her true self. So it’s not strange that she’s extremely nervous about taking the stage and performing. With a cheerful and lovely personality, she charms them instantly, but does she have what it takes to win their votes?

When I watched Rachael’s performance, I was speechless. This impressive mother teaches us about strength and will.

When the music plays and Rachael starts to sing her version of “With You”, from the musical Ghost, it doesn’t take long before the judges realize how talented she is. But listen carefully to Simon. I’ve never seen him so impressed!

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