Bride surprises husband with flashmob at their wedding

I love weddings and surprises, so if I were to encounter something like this I’d be completely overjoyed. When Shannon was getting married, she decided to surprise her husband Rick with an incredibly nice gesture.

At first he is shocked, but once he understands what’s happening, it’s total joy. This brought a smile to my face, so I just had to share!

Shannon and Rick had invited over 130 guests to their wedding. This way, the students from The Music Depot School managed to camouflage themselves well among the guests as they joined the cermony.

Everything went as per normal until the bride approached the altar. That’s when one young man suddenly stands up and begins sing “Going to the Chapel”. Within seconds, another 15 are standing and singing along, too. It’s a church flashmob!

The guests’ response is absolutely wonderful. Check out how the events unfold in the video below – which has, incidentally, garnered over 6 million views since it was posted in 2013. Amazing!

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