Bride watches her husband ask his mom to dance – the moment brings everyone to tears

For most people, their wedding day is the biggest day of their life. The once in a lifetime event is often an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with love, laughter, joy, and tears. But it’s also a day when the little moments make it even more beautiful and moving.

Maybe it’s a little surprise that the newlyweds’ parents have cooked up, a speech by a dear friend that hits everyone right in the heart, or in this case, a special dance that brings the entire wedding party to tears.

In autumn of 2008, it was finally time for Kristeena and Luke Rheault to tie the knot in West Palm Beach, Florida.

It was a special moment for everyone involved—perhaps not least for the groom’s mother, Rebekah, who had been diagnosed with ALS disease barely a year earlier. She sat in a wheelchair, aware that her disease meant that she didn’t have many years or even months left.

But for the time being, Rebekah was full of life, ready for the moment when her beloved son, Luke, would say “yes” to his fiancée. But what Rebekah didn’t know was that Luke had done something to make the day even more memorable… He scheduled a mother-son dance set to the beautiful song “Hero” by Mariah Carey.

In front of the bride and all of the wedding guests, Luke went down on his knees so he would be the same height as his wheelchair-bound mom. He kissed her on the forehead, took her hand, and gently led her to the dance floor. The gesture was so beautiful, powerful, and moving that not a dry eye could be seen in the reception hall.

“This is probably the most moving moment I have ever experienced,” Kristeena said on YouTube, where the clip has been seen more than 15 million times.

Less than a year later, Rebekah passed away. But as painful as it was for Luke to say goodbye, he has a memory that he’ll never forget: that shining smile, those tears of joy, and that unforgettable moment spinning around on the dance floor.

Luke’s gesture reminds me of how important it is to seize every moment with family. You only have one mother. Show her all of your love—because one day, it may be too late.

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