Camera captures the moment Emil sees his mother – for the first time

Emil is just 4 and a half months old – but has already had a rough start in life.

He was born with a severe disability, and has only been able to see the hazy contours of their parents.

Until now.

Watch when he gets his new “baby” glasses, with a hearty strength of +7.

And watch when he sees mom and dad for the first time.

Emil’s mother captured the precious moment on film.

“Today is a great day. Emil got his new glasses. The journey has been long and Emil has gone through a lot, but now here he is with a big smile on his face,” writes mother Christine Amalie Johanne Friis Rosenhøj on her Facebook page.

In the video, we see how surprised Emil is when they slide his glasses over his nose – and looks up and sees his parents. 

But when he smiles? Impossible to describe!

Watch the movie here:

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