Cashier’s heroic intervention proves how strong the maternal instinct is

The maternal instinct is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. It’s there whenever a mother senses a child is in danger, whether hers or a neighbor’s. And this sixth sense means that mom’s can see things before they even happen and save the day before anybody else even knows there’s a problem.

That’s exactly what happened when a grandmother named Rebecca sensed something was wrong with a young mom and her baby who came to her checkout line at the convenience store she works.

She immediately noticed that something wasn’t right. And she acted without blinking and became a true hero.

Rebecca has the good fortune of being both a mother and grandmother. On weekends, she works in a convenience store as a cashier. One recent day, a woman came into the store with her daughter Anabelle. But when they went to Rebecca’s check out line, the cashier noticed something was wrong.

Rebecca looked at the woman, named Jessica, and saw something unusual. The mother’s eyes looked somehow vacant. Rebecca asked her if she felt okay, but there was no answer. So Rebecca realized she needed to act.

Image Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

Without hesitation, Rebecca pulled Jessica’s baby away from her and put the child on her side of the counter. Seconds later, the mother fell to the floor and had an epileptic seizure. Rebecca held little Anabelle and called an ambulance.

Jessica was unharmed by the seizure, and thanks to Rebecca’s quick thinking, Anabelle was also spared a dangerous fall.

“Usually, I get some type of warning or some type of signal. But one minute I’m getting a drink and the next thing you know, I’m in the ambulance,” Jessica told Inside Edition.

Image Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

Now, Rebecca is being hailed as a real hero. But being the loving mother she is, she still feels a little upset that she couldn’t help Jessica from falling. Jessica, on the other hand, thought otherwise.

“You can tell that she’s a very caring and sweet person,” she said.

Image Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

What an incredible save by Rebecca. Her strong maternital instinct really made a huge difference in the store that day.

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