Celebrity chefs cook thousands of Thanksgiving meals for first responders and victims of CA wildfire

The devastating wildfires that have torn through north and south California have been responsible for loss – both of lives and property – on an incomprehensible scale.

Over 13,000 homes have been reduced to ashes by Camp Fire alone, with thousands of residents in Northern California left without a roof over their heads for Thanksgiving.

Put plainly, the people affected need all the help they can get. Whilst celebrity chefs Guy Fieri, Jose Andres and Tyler Florence might not be able to give them their houses back, they knew there was a way they could help …

The trio are but humble chefs, and so they have little to no experience when it comes to tackling deadly wildfires. What they do know – a good sight better than most, I might add – is how to cook.

So it was that Fieri, Andres and Florence rallied a group of 100 chefs and 800 volunteers to cook and serve a whopping 15,000 meals for first responders and survivors of the deadliest wildfire in California’s history.

As per NBC Los Angeles, the chefs worked with World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit food relief organization founded by Andres, in order to get the fantastic job done.

Andres said: “The least we can do today on Thanksgiving is all coming together to show the people what they deserve: love and support. One plate of food at a time.”

World Central Kitchen has been cooking hot meals for firefighters tackling the blaze for days now, as well as feeding evacuees fleeing affected areas. Andres said on Wednesday that the number of meals prepared since the operation started is probably over 200,000.

Whilst Fieri, Andres and Florence can’t restore buildings, put out fires or change what’s happened, it’s great to see them applying the talents they have toward producing something special.

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