Celine Dion’s sister makes tragic confession after star’s heartbreaking health struggles

The last year has been a tough one for Celine Dion, following the announcement that she had been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome.

The music icon has been forced to take a major step back from the spotlight, postponing and canceling shows as she seeks a way to recover. Updates as to her present condition have differed, sometimes painting a bleak outlook, other times giving fans reason to hope.

Among those keeping the public informed as to Dion’s status is her older sister, Claudette, who’s given regular interviews wherein she talks about Celine’s battle with Stiff Person Syndrome and how her sibling is dealing with her troubles.

Another such update came courtesy of a recent interview Claudette did with French publication Tele 2 Semaines, where she claimed that she knew something was wrong with her sister in 2021.

As recently as August, 2023 it was it claimed there are growing fears that Dion might call time on her career as she’s struggling to find medications and treatments that can effectively combat her illness.

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There were also rumors that Dion’s legendary voice has been affected to the point where she might not be able to perform again even if she felt up to it.

However, in an interview with French-Canadian outlet 7 Jours at the time, Dion’s sister Claudette, 74, moved to clarify matters, branding such negative reports as false.

“Céline is doing the best she can,” Claudette said. “We know that her disease is particularly difficult to treat, but she is surrounded by a large team of specialists and she works hard. I trust this team. My little sister has a steely spirit, and she is doing well.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 22: Singer Celine Dion performs onstage during the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

That may be so, but Celine has canceled all planned shows throughout 2023/2024, and her public appearances have all but become non-existent.

Speaking recently to French publication Tele 2 Semaines, Claudette revealed she had noticed the first symptom of her sister’s condition as early as 2021.

“We know she’s supported, she’s an intelligent woman and we’re not worried. We’re not worried, because if it was very serious, we’d know about it,” Claudette said, before adding that Celine was suffering from “leg cramps”, or “a kind of twisted foot that’s giving her muscle spasms in the leg”. 

The symptoms reportedly began when Celine was in Quebec with her children in 2021.

“I think she’s pushed herself a bit too hard and her muscles are crying out. She gives more than she’s able to… It’s not the first time it’s happened to her,” Claudette said.

“She needs to take a couple of days off, and learn to listen to her body and not push herself too hard.” 

Stiff-person Syndrome is characterized by the Cleveland Clinic as “a rare autoimmune movement disorder that affects the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord). People with this condition first experience a stiffening of the muscles of their trunk followed, over time, by the development of stiffness and rigidity in the legs and other muscles in the body.”

We’re wishing Celine Dion all the very best moving forward, and we hope and pray she can get back to doing what she loves best in the future.

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