Children’s heartwarming Christmas gift to their father gets thousands of hearts to melt

Let’s admit it – as commercial as it has become, Christmas can be quite exciting. While gathering with loved ones I think takes the lead on the joy’s of the season, the truth is that both giving and receiving gifts can really warm the heart.

Children are, naturally, usually the most excited of us all – although this isn’t always necessarily the case. Indeed, adults can also see their dreams come true during this magical holiday.

Here’s one dad for whom that was exactly the case. When he first opened up one of his gifts on Christmas morning, he wasn’t quite sure what he was looking at. But when he put on his glasses – the tears began to fall. 

No one is closer to us than our family. It’s therefore always difficult  to be away from them for long periods of time.

This father hadn’t seen his mother in 8 long years.

Source: Twitter/RichHomie_Twan3

But his children had plans to change that – and had an incredibly special gift in store for their dad. 

When he opens his package, he at first doesn’t understand what he’s received. The package simply contains a piece of paper with something written on it. He puts on his glasses and begins to read. 

Source: Twitter/RickHomie_Twan3

The gift? A ticket so dad could finally see his mother again!

The heartwarming video was later posted on Twitter and in just a few days was shared by over 98,000 people.

I personally shed a tear of happiness when I saw the clip. I can only imagine how the dad felt – but it’s clear in any case that he will finally see his beloved mother again after eight long years.

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