College hunks removal company moves over 100 domestic abuse victims out of violent homes for free

If 2020 needed a happy footnote – and let’s face it, if any year needs one of those it’s this one – we think we’ve found a story that might just deliver.

A removals company named College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving has helped over 100 victims of domestic abuse move out of violent homes … for free!

COVID-19 and it’s ensuing pandemic has increased the pressure even more on people in abusive relationships, but College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving has stepped up to the plate.

As per reports, the company launched their Free Moves for Survivors of Domestic Violence programme so that they could assist people who desperately wanted to flee abusive homes.

To that end, the guys – who operate across the US and Canada – have been moving victims to shelters completely free of charge.

Speaking to LadBible, the company’s co-founder, Nick Friedman, said: “Access to meaningful help for domestic violence survivors will not end when the pandemic ends. We’ll make sure of that.

“Precariously unsafe living situations existed before global health concerns dominated our awareness and will continue long after those concerns have lessened.

“We have taken the actions necessary and put plans in place to prepare our company to integrate domestic violence assistance as a long-term fixture of our brand.”

In order to request a move with the company, victims must be in contact with a local certified domestic violence-prevention shelter, which in turn then approves the move through the company.

The company itself can trace its history back 15 years to college pals Nick and Omar Soliman, who named themselves College Hunks (Honest Uniformed Nice Knowledgeable Service) and worked out of a beat-up cargo van.

Fast forward to now and they’re giving back to communities in a very special way indeed.

Nick said: “Domestic violence affects millions, and the numbers of survivors essentially trapped in living situations with their abusers during this time must be staggering.

“These are individuals who have had no choice but to abandon physical safety measures, like a safety plan, that could have been implemented had the pandemic not transpired. And while the pandemic has served to complicate the challenges and concerns around domestic violence, it certainly hasn’t been the cause of them.

“Abusers simply leverage its resulting vulnerabilities, like constant physical proximity, overreaching control of the household finances and threats to the safety of children now home from school, compounded by the crippling emotional and psychological damage continually inflicted on survivors.”

A huge thank you must be paid to these guys, for the awesome and compassionate work they are doing.

Domestic violence is a very real and very persistent blight. We should be doing everything in our power to eradicate its presence and lend help and support to its victims.

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