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Community Rallies Around Dad After His Wife Passes 10 Days After Giving Birth To Triplets.

On January 29th, Casi and Joey Rott, from Wichita, Kansas, had triplets. Their two daughters, Tenley and Chloe, had three new siblings. The family experienced the joy of welcoming three lovely babies into the world, but unfortunately that joy only lasted for the briefest of moments. Then, the unthinkable happened when the family tragically lost Casi just ten days after she gave birth. Now, Joey struggles to take care of his triplets while also managing the grief that he and his daughters feel. But there is some good news: Joey has received unexpected help from some local Good Samaritans who’ve been collecting money in the name of the deceased wife and mother. Scroll down to read the full story.

Casi and Joey Rott already had two daughters, so when they were told last July that they were expecting triplets, they were shocked. They joyfully looked forward to the triplets’ birth, which was scheduled for March.


Big Sisters, Tenley and Cloe, were also excited. They stayed home and waited while their mother went to the hospital to give birth to triplets via a caesarean section. Soon their family would grow by three.


On January 29th, more than a month before the triplets’ due date, Casi gave birth to two boys, Asher and Levi, and a girl named Piper. The new mom quickly recovered and returned home from the hospital within three days. But all was not quite right. The next morning, she woke up with a sore chest.

It turned out that Casi had a blood clot in one of her lungs, probably caused by the pregnancy and C-section. She was given blood-thinning medication and seemed to improve.

On February 5th, Casi held her three babies at the same time for the first time. She was so happy that she didn’t want anyone to take a picture of her face, which was covered with tears of joy.


A few days later, on February 8th, Casi and Joey took the two-hour drive from the hospital back home to make the children’s room ready for the triplets, who would remain in the hospital for a time.

Joey picked up the girls from elementary school and preschool and took them home, where their mother surprised them. It’s a memory the family will treasure forever, because later that day, Casi died unexpectedly.

On February 18th, Joey Rott posted a picture on Facebook of the five siblings together for the first time, but without her mother. “Such a bittersweet day … Really miss Casi,” he wrote. Now he takes sole charge of five small children, with help from family and friends.


Loved ones have started a GoFundMe page, which has since collected $145,000. The page administrator writes that economic troubles and the idea of working soon are two things no family grieving over this loss should have to deal with right now.

The family is completely overwhelmed by all the support it has received. It’s a tragic story and sad to think that the triplets will never know their mother. But fortunately, their family is filled with so much love that they can support each other and also receive help from family and friends.

In this moving video, Joey Rott talks about his wife, how she died just ten days after the birth of the triplets, and his family’s grief.

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