Cop Brings His Son Home In Handcuffs, But Regrets It When The Dad Shows Him This.

When the mixed racial author of the story below was a teen, he got in trouble simply for walking home from a neighbor’s house. It was after dark and a racist police officer was unduly suspicious. He stopped the boy and handcuffed him for no reason. Fortunately, the teen’s father, who is white, was there to answer the door when the officer brought his son home. When the cop told the dad why he handcuffed the teen, the dad didn’t believe the reason the cop gave. Instead, he asked the cop to go outside. What he did next is the crux of the story. To see this dad’s awesome response to the racist cop (and his kind words to his son) Read the story below.  

“I’m 28 now, but when I was a teenager I was followed in stores, harassed by police, and called out of my name on multiple occasions (nigger, monkey, coon, for example). I was an honor roll student that had a job at 16, but I guess that didn’t matter.

If I had to pick one story that stands out, it would have to be walking home in high school (in Clovis, CA at the time because Mom was a recruiter stationed in Fresno) after dark. It was about 10 p.m. and I wasn’t doing anything illegal as I was just walking home from a neighbor’s house. An officer pulled over out of nowhere, cutting me off, and hopped out of his car like I was some thug. He proceeded to make me take a drunk test then handcuffed me and placed me in the back of his cruiser. He drove to the address I provided and walked me to the door in cuffs. When my dad opened the door the officer was a bit taken back to see a white man.

My dad said, ‘What are you doing with my son and why is he cuffed?’

The officer replied, ‘He’s out late loitering and I wanted to make sure he got home instead of in trouble.’

My dad asked the officer to quickly walk with him to the end of the street where the local high school’s basketball courts were visible. On the basketball courts at that exact moment there were a group of roughly 15 white kids, some playing basketball and others talking in a group.

My dad said to the cop, ‘What about the white kids that are out playing basketball at 11 p.m. some nights at the school? Why don’t you cuff them and take them home?’

The officer just uncuffed me and walked away. It was the first time I felt like I was different for being black as I had spent my entire childhood on military bases.

My father summed it up by saying, ‘I’ll always be there for you, son.’”

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