Cop cites mother for speeding – she realises too late what’s written on the ticket

Ayla Hemeon thought she was sure to receive a speeding ticket when she was pulled over by an officer for going above the limit. The busy South Carolinian ended up going too fast in her hurry to get a carved pumpkin to her parents for Halloween.

Rightly, an officer noticed her speed and turned on his lights, leaving her expecting to get a ticket for breaking the law.

After hearing her excuse, the officer did indeed give Ayla a piece of paper. Only, she never could have expected what would be written on it.

Ayla Hemeon is used to having to juggle a million and one things a day. It’s little wonder, then, that certain things fall through the cracks and force her to alter her plans.

That’s exactly what happened when the mother wasn’t able to drop off a special pumpkin her family had carved for her parents. Knowing it would mean a lot to them, she decided to try and make a late delivery anyway.

Strapping her daughter Tara safely in the car, Ayla sped off. She knew full well that her daughter had plenty of homework to be doing, so this trip would have to be a quick one.


Whilst on the road, Ayla ran through all the other duties she had for that day, and in doing so allowed her foot to slip a little too far down on the gas pedal. As luck would have it, an officer happened to catch her in the process of exceeding the speed limit, and so turned his lights on to pull her over.

Ayla got her license and registration out, fully expecting a citation for falling foul of the year. Nothing could have quite prepared her for what would happen.

Flickr/ Daniel

The officer began by asking her why she was speeding. Telling the truth – but not expecting any special sympathy because of it – Ayla explained that she was dropping off a pumpkin for her parents and then heading back home, quick as she could, so that her daughter could get her homework done. As the very words left her lips, Ayla began to realize that this wasn’t something she’d be talking her way out of.

The officer in question didn’t give much of a reply. Instead, he walked back to his own car and began writing a ticket for her. But when he returned to Ayla, she soon saw that it wasn’t a proper ticket, only a warning against speeding in the future.

Thanking the cop profusely, Ayla got back on the road and drove to her parents.

However, when she got there and had time to take a proper look at what the officer had written, she was shocked. The officer hadn’t only given her a warning, but also left a kind message.

Ayla uploaded the following to Facebook:


The officer had written: “Thanks for all that you do. You could have spent Sunday alone but, your spending it helping your parents and daughter. Have a good day.”

What a guy. Obviously speeding shouldn’t be condoned in any situation, but it’s nice to see an officer who can appreciate that, sometimes, we’re simply having a bad day and need to catch a break.

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