Coronavirus kills mom and three of her sons, all within 10 days of each other

As we live in these trying times, where fear and uncertainty reign supreme and coronavirus devastates communities, it’s more important than ever we look out for one another.

A woman and three of her sons have died from COVID-19, all within 10 days of each other.

As per reports, Antoinette Franklin, 86, from New Orleans, Louisiana, passed away along with her sons Herman Franklin Junior, 71, Anthony Franklin Senior, 58, and Timothy Franklin, 61. The family all died between March 20 and 30.

New Orleans Coroner’s Office has since confirmed that all of the deceased tested positive for coronavirus, leaving a community in shock.

Antoinette’s grandson, Anthony Franklin Junior, said: “My uncle passed, my grandmother passed, my dad passed, then my other uncle passed. It’s horrific.”

Herman, a dad-of-eight, died on March 20, while his brother Anthony passed on March 26. Timothy then also died from coronavirus on March 30.

Anthony Franklin Senior’s wife Jacqueline Franklin said that she wants people to start taking COVID-19 seriously. Speaking to WDSU, she explained:

“I want the world to know if it happened to the Franklin family it could happen to any family.

“Let’s take this serious. My children have to bury their father, their precious grandmother and their uncles.”

As per the Mirror, New Orleans has become something of a COVID-19 hotspot, with 16,284 cases and 582 deaths. Officials say this is due to high-levels of obesity in the area and the associated problems such as diabetes and hypertension.

My heart simply breaks for this poor family and what their loved ones must be going through right now.

For a mother to pass along with three of her boys in just too much to bear. The only consolation is that perhaps they’re together now in the Lord’s arms.

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