Couple has 4 miscarriages in 6 years

Couple has 4 miscarriages in 6 years

Many of us long to start a family — but we also have a lot we want to accomplish first.

We need to find that special someone, we want to travel, establish ourselves in our career, and decorate our home to perfection…

So when we’re finally ready for children, it’s often too late.

Allyson and Tony Ponto had always dreamed of having a big family, but their journey there proved to be much harder than they had ever imagined.

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The Minnesota couple tried to have children several times. Allyson got pregnant four times in six years, but each pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

She and Tony were completely crushed every time. They went through an endless cycle of initial excitement followed by their world collapsing around them when doctors told them that they had lost the baby.

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The miscarriages left scar tissue and Allyson was no longer able to have children naturally.

But she and Tony were still determined to have a family, so they turned to in vitro fertilization.

Since there was only a 30 percent chance of Allyson becoming pregnant, the doctors implanted three embryos to boost their chances.

A few weeks later, Allyson and Tony returned for an ultrasound.

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First, one child showed up on the screen… and then another… and another!

“Three? We got three babies?” Tony said excitedly.

The doctor looked at the shocked couple and explained, “No… not exactly.”

It turned out Allyson and Tony were expecting quadruplets — two of the babies were identical twins.

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After 11 years of trying to have children, including four miscarriages, rivers of tears and heartbreak after heartbreak, the happiness was indescribable to Allyson and Tony.

Then on July 4th, 2017, Allyson gave birth to four wonderful babies — all girls!

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Olivia, Anna, Morgan, and Carolyn were born in week 32 and initially received care at the hospital.

The children only needed a little respiratory support after birth, but they were all healthy and the whole family was allowed to go home after a few weeks, says Kare 11 News.

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“It makes me cry, like every day, because I’m just so happy that they’re here and they’re healthy,” Allyson said.

The family has received incredible support not only from their loved ones — but also from strangers.

Caring for four babies is a huge change, not the least economically.

Fortunately, many people have helped Allyson and Tony look after Olivia, Anna, Morgan and Carolyn.

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A fund was set up to help Allyson and Tony with all their expenses.

“EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR MESSAGES MEANS SO MUCH TO US !!!! Keep the prayers and well wishes coming!!!!!! How did we get so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family ???? We love you all !!!,” Allyson wote on the fun page.


Please check out this video to meet this incredibly nice family 🙂

Imagine finally having four babies after 11 years of tears, sadness, and disappointment.

We’re really happy for Allyson and Tony. They seem like they’ll be really great parents! And watch how big their precious children are today, in 2023:

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