Couple married for 40 years share last kiss from hospital trolleys hours before wife dies of coronavirus

A couple married for almost 40 years shared one final kiss on hospital trolleys before the wife died from coronavirus, according to reports.

The Daily Mirror report that Harvey Kleiman and his wife Carol, of Leeds, England, were admitted to hospital on the same day after both contracting COVID-19.

Carol, 78, was suffering from an underlying heart condition and so taken straight to ICU on April 1.

The couple, who were set to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in September, both found themselves in the same hospital at the same time.

It’s said they saw each other – where they were able to exchange a wave and a kiss – on hospital trolleys before they were taken to separate wards for treatment.

Tragically, however, it would turn out to be the last time. Carol died from coronavirus just four days later, on April 5.

Harvey, 83, meanwhile, was discharged from hospital on April 16 and is recovering at home.

Carol’s step-daughter, Frances Flaxington, said she was glad the pair were able to see each other one last time.

“Thinking back, it was really spooky,” she said, as per the Mirror.

“My dad was admitted later the same day. He was in A&E as the infection had made him very poorly. He spotted her in the distance.

“He was going one way and she was going another.

“I’m just so glad they were able to see each other for the last time when they were moving around the wards.”

The day after Carol died, over 200 people attended traditional Shiva prayers – a Jewish ritual – on video platform Zoom. Harvey was still too ill to attend, but the celebration of life was recorded and he will be able to watch it at a later date.

Rest in peace, Carol. We’re sending prayers to Harvey at what must be a truly difficult time.

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