Couple marries at Pennsylvania hospital so groom’s hospitalized mother can attend

A couple eager to say “I do” recently tied the knot inside a Pennsylvania hospital so the groom’s mother could attend the ceremony.

Chaz Wilburn and Amanda Gould planned to have a small bedside service, but hospital staff arranged a beautiful ceremony inside the hospital’s chapel complete with cake and champagne.

“They made everything possible,” Chaz Wilburn said.

Over the summer, Wilburn was admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure. He spent 38 days in the hospital, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

However, as he recovered and the day he was to marry his fiancée, Amanda “Mandie” Gould, his mother, Ajeana Schuler, was admitted to UPMC St. Margaret’s Hospital.

“When she went in there, (Amanda and I) decided we didn’t want to wait until January to get married,” Wilburn said. “We wanted to have the wedding in her room so she could be there.”

He suggested the idea to hospital staff and his idea very quickly took shape.

Baliegh Cannistraci, the hospital’s social worker, along with several other staff members worked together to throw a wedding like no other.

On the day of their wedding, the couple had their friend Pastor Jerry Jefferson officiate, while hospital staff made sure Chaz’s mother was dressed in a gorgeous red gown.

She even got her hair done.

“It was a team effort and an amazing day,” Saundra Jones, director of patient experience and volunteer services said.

“They got her hair done and wheeled her down and moved the chapel around so it was easy for them to get her in there it was just so perfect,” Amanda told KDKA.

Even though Ajeana can’t verbally communicate at the moment, Chaz said they were able to see moments of joy in her face.

“Our day turned out beautiful,” Amanda told People. “It was so perfect, we couldn’t have planned it to be any better. So many small acts from great people were weaved together just for love. Everything about that day and everyone involved in our day was amazing.”

This was such a wonderful gesture put on by the hospital staff.

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