Dad is reunited with son – then breaks down when his wife reveals her secret

Alan and Tiffany have gone through things no parents should have to endure.

In 2014, the parents of a lovely son named Aiden wanted to add another child to their family. Tragically, though, their plans felt apart when Tiffany had a miscarriage in her ninth week of pregnancy. And making matters more difficult, Alan couldn’t be there to grieve with her. A member of the U.S. Navy, he was stationed at sea on the USS Ronald Reagan at the time.

But the couple didn’t let the heart-rending event stop their dream of having a second child. When Alan returned from his deployment, he and Tiffany tried again. And a month later, when Alan returned home again, Tiffany had a surprise for him.

When Tiffany and Aiden went to pick Alan up from the port, Aiden was wearing a T-shirt that Tifffany had made for the occasion. And when Alan saw what his wife had printed on the shirt, he couldn’t help but tear up…

What a wonderful, touching moment!

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