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Dad Makes Emotional Video About Son’s Down Syndrome. A Must-See For Anyone With Children!

There’s nothing worse than witnessing ignorance passed down from parent to child, especially when the truth is so near at hand. And sometimes, that truth is so personal, that even though you can’t speak it in the moment, you have to find a way to let the world know. That’s where Robb Scott found himself recently. The 41-year-old father of two was at a local video store when he noticed a young boy pick up the film “Where Hope Grows.” This was particularly meaningful for Robb because the movie features a character with Down syndrome, which his 5-year-old son Turner also has. So when the boy at the video store asked his dad what Down syndrome was, Robb listened intently for the answer.

Robb was heartbroken to hear the other man say, “It’s an illness of people not knowing anything.” But not being inclined to intrude on other people’s business, Robb simply left the store shaken.

Back in his car, Robb was overcome with guilt and regret. He felt terrible the he had given up an opportunity to set the record straight and correct the other dad. So to make the situation right for families everywhere, Robb recorded the emotional video blow on his cell phone.

Robb’s two sons, 7-year-old Griffin and 5-year-old Turner. Turner has Down syndrome.

Photo: Robb Scott/Facebook


The beautiful Scott family.

Photo: YouTube/ABC News


Watch the moving video here:

If you’ve never met anyone with Down syndrome, Robb’s video is powerful wake-up call. Please help Robb spread the truth about Down syndrome by sharing his video!

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