Dad sends son to school with hidden wire, can’t believe his ears when he hears the recording

No one knows their own kids better than the parents themselves.

That’s why it can be pretty worrying when you suddenly start noticing things about your child that seem new and unusual.

This is a story from a few years back but we feel it’s an important subject that needs to be addressed.

It’s a story that really gives truth to the idea that you should always trust your gut feeling… as well as your child.



Stuart Chaifetz’s then 10 year old son Akian, who has autism, was a student at a school where he was getting the help he needed — supposedly.

After about a year in the school, Stuart started noticing how his son’s behaviour had changed. He was no longer the happy and calm boy he used to be.

Stuart started suspecting that something was not quite right.

The school had also begun to send notes home claiming that Akian was misbehaving and being aggressive — a side of Akian Stuart had never seen before.

He naturally wanted to find out what could be wrong so he sought out a behavioral therapist for an evaluation.

He wanted to figure out what was behind his son’s sudden change.

But unfortunately he didn’t get any answers to his questions and the son seemed to be just getting worse.

He suspected that there might be someone or something at school  that was making his son behave in this sudden and strange way.

Stuart understood that he had to take actions into his own hands if he wanted to find out what actually happened at school, the Huffington Post reports.


Stuart decided to sent his son to school wearing a hidden audio recorder, hoping it could give him the answers he sought.

But he could never have never imagined what he heard on the tape when his son came home.

The tapes revealed Akian being constantly shouted at by his teacher and aide teacher. They would verbally abuse the child by calling him obscene names.

After listening to the whole six-hour recording — everything seemed crystal clear to the dad about why his son’s behavior had suddenly changed.

But it was even worse than he’d ever imagined.

The hardest thing to hear was when Akian repeatedly asked to see his dad, he still got a “no”, which would cause Akian to completely break down.

To make matters worse, you could hear the teacher and aide teacher have loud inappropriate conversations in the classroom about how they were going to get drunk as well as conversations about sex.

Stuart knew that maybe the recording wouldn’t necessarily get the teachers to a courtroom but he did send it it to the school board.

Luckily, both the teacher and assistant were fired, although no further measures were taken.

Watch the below news report about the situation.

It’s horrible that something like this happened, especially at a school that’s meant to be adapted for children with special needs.

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