Daughter received tattoo with black henna on holiday – was seriously injured

A few weeks ago, the Gulliver family, from Britain, travelled to Egypt for a wonderful sunny holiday. With them they had their 7-year-old daughter Madison.
Sadly, the holiday ended up not quite like they had expected.

During the trip, the mother suffered from a gallbladder inflammation and had to be hospitalized.

Her children, 9-year-old Sebastian and 7-year-old Madison, patiently stayed by her side. When the mother ;was finally released from the hospital, she and her husband wanted to treat the children to a reward because they had been so good.

At the hotel they were staying at, guests were being offered henna tattoos. Henna tattoos are temporarily and can be washed away at any time.

Since it’s not a real tattoo that doesn’t leave any permanent marks and because it’s made up of natural ingredients, the parents thought it would be fine to trust the hotel.

The kids were delighted with their henna tattoos and the parents were pleased to see them happy.

But in the evening, their son Sebastian started scratching his arm and so they washed his tattoo off. Madison on the other hand, However, seemed to be fine.

A week later, the family returned back home to England. Surprisingly, that’s when Madison’s tattoo also started to itch.

The parents started to get more worried as they also noticed that the skin around the little girl’s tattoo had turned red. They washed it off and moisturized their daughter’s arm with a soothing ointment.

The next day, her arm had become a lot worse. Madison had big red blisters on her arm similar to a burn victim’s.

The parents started researching online as to why their little girl was reacting so bad to henna since it consists of only natural ingredients. That’s when they realized henna is not as harmless as they thought it was.

Madison had a tattoo with “black henna.” Unlike plain henna, the black version contains PPD, the same substance used in many hair dyes. PPD is forbidden in skin creams in the UK as it can cause allergic reactions to the skin.

But this family had no idea about that when they agreed to the tattoos in Egypt.

They brought Madison to Salisbury District Hospital, where she was seen by doctors and dermatologists who specialize in skin burn injuries. Her condition was so severe that they had to cut the big blisters to treat the burns below.

Her father has said that his daughter was very brave during the treatment.

“She wanted to see what they were doing so we couldn’t get her to look away,” he tells Metro. “She was really good and kept saying ‘you’ve missed one.'”

During a television interview with “Good Morning Britain,” Madison showed how her arm looks today.

Doctors now say that it may take up to two years before Madison’s skin returns to its normal color. Hopefully, the poor little girl will not get any permanent scars.

After the henna tattoo incident, Madison’s skin and body has become hypersensitive to other things as well. She is now, among other things, allergic to penicillin.

Madison’s father now wants to warn other parents about letting their children get henna tattoos on holiday.

“We would have thought that the travel agents would have had concerns about this,” the father tells Metro. “We want to get the message out to other people about this.”

We’ve seen tourists get these tattoos on trips abroad. We think they’re beautiful and could even imagine getting one. But after reading this, maybe it’s not worth it!

Please help warn others about Black Henna, so that no one else has to suffer like Madison did!

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