Diner stunned by message tattooed on couple’s arms – decides she has to talk with them

Markings on the skin have long been a way for humans to convey messages or make statements about themselves. Of all the ways to turn your body into a work of art, tattoos are the most common these days and, though not everyone’s cup of tea, have found a popular place in society.

Tattoos give individuals the opportunity to express themselves, often carrying a deep meaning to the owner. From time to time, they might catch your eye for one reason or another, as was the case with Michelle Torino-Barcelos and her husband when they were dining out one Sunday in San Angelo, Texas.

Michelle spotted a man sporting an interesting tattoo, one that read “Together we serve.” …

Interested, Michelle turned to her husband and told him to steal a look as well. When he did, she began trying to discern what it could mean.

“I told my husband, it can have double meanings,” she said. “The word “we” may mean as we, as a whole serving God, or “we” can also mean him, together with his other half; it can be his girlfriend or his wife.”

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Then, a moment later, a woman sat down at the same table. Sure enough, she had the same “Together we serve,” message.

Michelle was already intrigued by the pair’s matching tattoos, but her interest was heightened mere minutes later, when she witnessed what they did next.

At the table, the young couple began to pray.

“I thought, it was like the sweetest thing ever that I saw from a couple, having that same kind of tattoo written on their arm … But my heart melted more when they started holding each other’s hands as they pray before eating!” Michelle said.

“I was blown away! Not only by seeing how sweet they were but by just simply being bold enough in professing their faith in public. And for me, that is really what a relationship goal must be!”

Michelle felt compelled to go and talk with the couple.

“I told my husband that as soon as we finished eating, I would love to come to the couple and approach them. Just to say that we were blessed and inspired by just looking at them, their tattoo, and their faith and love for God.”

So, she did just that. It turned out the couple’s tattoos did have a deep meaning, one that resonated with Michelle in a way that she won’t soon forget. The man and his wife had married just a couple of months prior, and both worked for the United States Army.

“In my heart, not only that they want to serve the country together, they also want to serve God together, and that is what their tattoo really means. And that is the best #RelationshipGoal ever!”

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The couple were surprised with Michelle’s reaction, and asked her if they could pray for her and her husband.

“For the first time in our entire lives, never did we experience strangers praying for us! Inside that cafe, all four of us held each other’s hands, bowed our heads down, as this beautiful couple from the U.S. Army prayed for me and my husband! They prayed that we may always be blessed, and that we may continue to be a blessing to everyone else, and may our love for God prosper and grow just as how God’s love and grace overflows in our lives. How amazing that moment is!

“May God always bless and protect them, and may their lives always be a blessing too as they serve God and their country together.”

What a truly wonderful story of complete strangers walking into each other’s lives and having an instant impact!

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